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Aldreama Harper, Productivity Strategist | Certified Organizational Specialist 
Simplify | Systemize | Streamline  

With 20 plus years of organizing, productivity and teaching others to manage their time, we are now focusing on entrepreneurs.
Our methodology helps you maximize your time, energy, and resources so that you operate at optimal capacity, and reach your full potential allowing for personal growth and business expansion.

As your Organizing Consultant, my team and I offer personalized solutions designed for those desiring to live and have a clutter-free life and business. One that is conducive for creativity, productivity and growth.

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What we do:

We will create systems to organize your time, space, and information. We teach and train you  to take control of paperwork, manage a hectic schedule, get more done in less time, and enhance productivity.  We will assist you in implementing simple, practical and clever organizing solutions tailored for you and how you live and think.

What we offer:

  • Virtual Home Office Organization Consulting - This practical alternative to in person sessions provide an effective methodology to develop new productivity success habits. This virtual meeting is conducive for learning and practicing organizing skills with hands on guidance from an experienced consultant.  Great for organizing your home office, creating a filing systems, or decluttering your workspace.

  • Online Systems Strategies - A business process shows the relevant people in your business exactly how to do something and how to do it as efficiently as possible. It’s a well-defined and structured step-by-step process that ends with the achievement of a business objective such as the delivery of a service or product for your clients.  A well-designed business process will simplify and streamline the way that you and your team work together.

  • Time Management Coaching - Time management isn’t limited to organizing how you spend your hours in the day or managing time. It's about honoring the agreements and commitments regarding your time. It also means being efficient and organized in other facets of your life, in order to make sure your time is being spent effectively. With our coaching sessions, you're empowered with strategies to not only get things done but creating more time by redeeming the time and optimizes your time.